Centrul de Asistență Socială și Interacțiune Copil-Părinte


DIRECTOR: Associate professor Venera Bucur, PhD

CICOP is certificated since 2005, by the Romanian Ministry of Education as a research center within a cross-disciplinary domain of social and human sciences.

The activity developed by the center is made up of research projects aimed to better understand and support child and family welfare in Romania (i.e. child’s adoption, children’s rights promotion, child abuse and neglect prevention, juvenile delinquency, cultural aspects in child welfare, feminist topics). CICOP has as major objective to promote valid information among the parents, professionals, students, academics, researchers.

Areas of the organization’s research interests:

  • child-adult interaction; child and family; preventing violence and trauma among children and families; promoting the resilience of the child; developmental psychology; attachment theory.


CICOP is member of International Childhood and Youth Research network (ICYR-net) (http://www.icyrnet.net).

CICOP is part of the AAARNetwork (Attachment, Adoption, Adolescence Research Network) http://sites.google.com/site/aaarnetwork/.

Since 2014, CICOP was included in a larger non-governmental organization: Center for Social Work and research on child parent interaction (CAS-CICOP).

Each project is carried on by its own research team. In this way the number of researchers is fluctuant.

There are 3 PhD students.

Research Projects (since 2005)

2015-2018: LUDI “Play for Children with Disabilities” project-aimed to promote and support the play for the sake of play among disabled children; the project is founded by COST program, and involves at the moment 14 states in the world, and is coordinated by Prof. Serenella Bessio, Vale d’Aosta University, in Italy;

2015-2016: “Participation, Experience and Empowerment of Roma Youth” (PEER), associate partner; Action Grant: Direction Justice, coordinated by Prof. Maria Roth, PhD, Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj;

2014-2016: CHILDREN’s RIGHTS BEHIND BARS. Human rights of children deprived of liberty: improving monitoring mechanisms, JUST/2013/JPEN/AG/4581 with the European Commission, Defence for Children International (DCI) – Belgium;

2015: National Administration of Penitentiaries’ project founded by Norwegian funds; aimed to develop an assessment tool for delinquent children deprived of liberty, in Romania;

2011-2013: “Cross-generation bridges in Nadrag” (PIN) project; Implemented in partnership with Hochschule Munchen, Germany. WUT coordinator: Prof. Ana Muntean, PhD;

2012:”An integrated intervention aimed to support the vulnerable women’s social entrepreneurial”, Romania, ID project: 53513;

2012: “Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection to coordinate the process of implementation of UNO Convention for children’s rights in Romania” project, cod SMIS 22894, May-July;

2010-2013: “The reconstruction of woman’s statute: from discrimination to professional development and equal opportunities” project, in partnership with Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj and “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi; the project is coordinated by Prof. Nicoleta Turliuc, PhD, Iasi  University;

2010-2012: “Epidemiological Study on Child Abuse and Neglect In Balkans area”(BECAN), regional project coordinated in Romania by  Prof. Maria Roth, PhD, Babes-Bolyai University, in Cluj;

2008-2011: ”The factors which support successful children adoption in Romania” (FISAN), project CNCSIS, IDEI, funded by the Ministry of Education in Romania; coordinated by Prof. Ana Muntean, PhD.

Infrastructure (rooms 315, 302, 208 Calea Bogdanestilor, Timisoara).


Contact person: Prof. Ana Muntean, PhD, Developmental Psychology, (ana.muntean@e-uvt.ro) Department of Social Work, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University in Timisoara, Blvd. Vasile Pârvan, no. 4, 300223 Timisoara, Romania

Scientific Events

  • 2007 – Organizer of the Second International Forum on Resilience;
  • 2015 – Providing in Timisoara 4 conferences for parents and professionals in child welfare;
  • 2014-2015 – Providing 4 workshops for parents with new born babies and toddlers;
  • 2014-2015 – Training for professionals in child welfare in Brasov (www.leaganulvietii.ro, www.site-ul);
  • 2014 – Public conference and launching Kari Killen’s book: “Early interventions in kindergartens. Interactions and attachment.”

Strategic partners

  • ICYRnet
  • Attachment, Adoption, Adolescence Research Network (AAAR network)
  • Universities in Romania, Europe and USA and Canada
  • Governmental partners on the national and county’s  level
  • Different NGO-s in Romania


Recent publications (since 2012)

  • Muntean, A. Barneanu, A. (2015), Two strategies for the protection of early abandoned children: foster care and adoption in Romania. Similarities and differences focused on attachment representation.  Today’s children-Tomorrow’s parents, nr. 42;
  • Groza, V., Muntean, A. (2015).  A Description of Attachment in Adoptive Parents and Adoptees in Romania During Early Adolescence,  Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, DOI) 10.1007/s10560-015-0408-2;
  • Muntean, A. (2014). Editorial in Today’s children – tomorrow’s parents, nr. 39, pp. 2-5;
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  • Stievenart, M., Casonato, M., Muntean, A., Van de Schoot, R. (2012). The Friends and Family Interview: Measurement invarince across Belgium and Romania, European Journal of Developmental Psychology, DOI: 10.1080/17405629.2012.689822;

The centre got  the infrastructure for well functioning. The available facilities are an adequate room,  electronic equipment, library with about 2000 volumes,  furniture and internet connection.  


Scientific event

CICOP is the main organizer of the International on adoption, June 2, 2016. The title of the conference is: “Young Romanians adopted around the world” (LIFE). The conference is aimed at all those interested or involved in adoptions: adopted youth and children, adoptive parents or approved for adoption, professionals, researchers and academics as well as students concerned with the domain of child adoption. The conference will be the framework for a unique research aimed to better understand the impact of adoption on the life of young adults who were adopted as a child.

Scientific journal

The permanent project of CICOP is the journal  TCTP – Today’s Children Tomorrow’s Parents (http://www.tctp.cicop.ro), The Journal is included in different international database such as: EBSCO, INDEX COPERNICUS, ERIH.

  • electronic journal with free access;
  • two-three issues/year, having specific topic and different Editors from the international academic world.